Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo prompts for Ramadan

I was inspired by fatmumslim monthly photo prompts to make a list of photos that I can capture during Ramadan. I made this goals to capture daily photo of Ramadan, so I intend to use this list as a guide and motivation on what to capture during Ramadan.
1. 1st day of Ramadan: capture anything about the first day of Ramadan
2. only during Ramadan : take a photo that can only be seen during Ramadan
3. peace : Ramadan is also about finding peace. So take a photo that make you feel peaceful during this month
4. all about me: photo of yourself at the beginning of Ramadan
5. time: take a photo of the time of sunset and sunrise, things that symbolise time or compare yourself a year ago and today
6. 4:30 am : what are you doing at 4:30am during Ramadan?
7. on instagram: any photo you capture that day on instagram
8. favourite food: a must have food during iftar
9. Quran: current surah you are reciting, your favourite holy Quran
10. green: anything green that capture your attention
11. dates: take a photo of your favourite dates, favourite dates shop or anything related to dates
12. mosque: your favourite mosque
13. something you bought: take a photo of anything you bought today
14. gift / giving: Ramadan is also a month of giving, take photo that represent gift or giving. It can be clothes you bought for your child or your love one
15. in the news: capture a photo of what make the news today or anything related to news
16. strength: Ramadan is also about strength. Take a photo of something that represent strength.
17. the weather today: what is the weather like today?
18. sign: take a photo of any sign that you see around you
19. Iftar : Where do you have your Ifar? What you have?
20. card: a photo of a card you receive for Eid Mubarak or a card you give for Eid or any cards in general
21. hijab: your favourite hijab maybe, or your new hijab
22. ritual: what is your ritual during Ramadan? take a photo of it and share
23. cookies: what is a must have cookies for Eid? How many cookies do you buy?
24. sale: it’s every where, capture anything related to sale
25. pink: anything related to pink
26. shoes: your new shoes perhaps or shoes in your wish list or a must have shoes during Ramadan
27. reflection: any photos of reflection or anything that symbolise reflection. since Ramadan is almost over, what have you learned about yourself during this Ramadan?
28. hometown: take a photo of your hometown. What it’s like during the last few days of Ramadan
29. all about me 2: a photo of yourself at the end of Ramadan
Hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoy making them. Aside from fasting and worshiping Allah during this month, you might capture and document things about this Ramadan that you want to remember for the rest of your life.

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