Saturday, July 21, 2012

One little word update


Earlier this year I choose Balance as my one little word for this year. Ever since than my life has been a little bit hectic with last trimester of pregnancy, wrapping things up at work, giving birth and having a new baby.

My plan for this year is to focus more on family and less on work since the last few years my life has been all about work. Ever since I gave birth to my baby boy, my life suddenly become all about baby. For almost four weeks I felt depress and sad. I found out that unbalance life can make me feel miserable. I just have to find balance to do all the things that I love and not getting caught up in just one area.

Now it’s time for me to take control of my life. Here are a few things I do and intend to do this year.

#1) I took an online class that has nothing to do with baby. I really enjoy Dig in Deeper by Jessica Sprague

#2) I take a few hours a day to get up to date with technology

#3) I read books related to baby. The happiest baby on the block is a must have for a new parent

#4) I take six months maternity leave to take care of my new baby and exclusively breastfeeding him

#5) for my health, I do at least three days of exercise weekly and drink Herbalife protein shake daily to get back my energy and hopefully my pre pregnancy weight back

#6) for my soul, as usual recite Quran daily

#7) I intend to make Project Life for the first twelve months of Hanif’s life

#8) Organize my life so that I give attention and time to all the roles that I play – muslim, mother, daughter, scrapbooker, family photographer, manager, blogger and woman

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