Monday, July 16, 2012

lesson 6 // more freestyle

Yesterday I spend one hour sitting in front of my computer and finished learning all the technique in lesson 6 of this amazing online class. Love the urban feeling of this layout.

In this lesson I learned

  • Create a cross-processed look on photographs
  • Create a silhouette of a city skyline from a photograph
  • Create a starburst pattern with a patterned overlay
  • Extract textural items from their background
  • Create a rough-cut sticker

I honestly believe that without this lesson I would never have made any layout that look like this. It’s totally cool that now I would be able to at least duplicate the things I learned in my future layout.

I am having trouble with extracting a city skyline from a photograph. This is definitely something I have to practice and develop more patient for.

This is my attempt at another freestyle scrapbooking


Paper and elements are from the course material provided in this lesson. The KLCC skyline from google search.

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Nasuha Mansor said...

Assalamualaikum :)

Maaf yea mengganggu .Nak minta tolong skit boleh ?

Minta tolong LIKE page n gambar nih . Kalo sudi share skali la naa . Mohon kerjasama awak & rakan blogger sekalian. 1 LIKE mampu membuat ibu & anaknya tersenyum bahagia. Terima kasih ,Jasa anda amat dihargai :)

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