Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day two // only during Ramadan

Photo Prompt Day Two: only during Ramadan
- take pictures that only happened during Ramadan
(for a full list visit here)

The most amazing things always happened during
Ayu and her baby
Congrates to Ayu Firzara on her new born baby.
So precious and adorable.
So precious
Welcome to the world
Introducing baby of Ayu. Welcome to the world
Me with the new mom
Me with a new mom. Congrates Ayu!

And this view can only be seen during Ramadan.
People hunting for food at bazaar Ramadan Putrajaya.
Only during Ramadan
So far I am having a great Ramadan. Nursing Hanif
is getting easier on the second day. I felt less tired
compare to yesterday.

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