Friday, July 13, 2012

10 things // at 41

I read this in my email today..,
"What makes each of us happy depends on several factors, like age, gender, career, and so on.

Tomorrow morning, make a list of ten things that make you happy, or list ten areas of your life that put a smile on your face.

Next, carry this list with you throughout your day, and look back at it when you start to feel stressed or overwhelmed. This list can become a constant reminder of all the good aspects of your life AND it can provide you with a jolt of positive energy when you might need it"
from Get Organize Now newsletter

It has been a while since the last time I made a happy list, so I think it's about time I count my blessing.
Here are my current top ten:
#1- my new baby boy
#2 - the happiest baby on the block book. The technique suggested in the book really help trigger the claming reflex
#3 - baby shushing apps for iphone -- really help my baby fall asleep and stay asleep
#4 - Leverage season 1 untill season 4 -- really entertain me and help me understand human behavior
#5 - Swaddle Me instant swaddle-- this really a life saver for me. My baby love it!
#6 - Dig in Deeper online class from Jessica Sprague -- I really learn a lot in this class

#7 - Herbalife Formula one and formula three shake to help me fill fuller longer and help with my milk supply
#8 - breastefeedinh my baby, it's one of the greatest joy in the world

#9 - the happiest baby guide to great sleep, new book from Dr. Karp -- he talk about how to teach your baby to sleep beyond the forth trimester till age five
#10 - swing from Graco.. Instant favorite from the begining

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