Monday, June 18, 2012

today I am…..

Today I am feeling grateful for:
* iphone camera
* inspiration layouts all over the internet
* free astro channels– I don’t know for how long
* cadbury chocolates
* Jari Love – Get Ripped Extreme
* Carried Underwood beautiful songs from Blown Away album
* mp4 file format
With all the things to be grateful for, I am so inspired to make two layouts today.
Inspiration from this
I got this:
iphonecamera-web Credit: I'm Currently Kit by Captivated Vision
And inspiration from this
I got this
overthemoon-web Credit: On Cloud Nine Kit by Secret Stash
Have a great and beautiful Monday!

1 comment:

Farah Shamsudin said...

wow!dats interesting dear..:)

thanx for reading my blogs ye dear..

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