Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Instagram

My DVD workout collection. Need to start rotating these workout. So far I only did Jillian'sDid this workout today. My lower abs really feels it!Been reading these two magazinesHe really loves sleeping in his bouncing chairLooking forward to read this ebookOn his tummy

Looking forward to..
* morning exercise routine. Jillian is tough and I hope she’ll motivate me to move more. I still have to modify some of her tough moves cause my lower abs still feel numb
* I download Jillian ebook today. So I am looking forward to read about her philosophy about life and health
* I am planning to read these two magazines I bought two days ago, one about motherhood and the other about technology. I really miss technology. I am daydreaming about macbook air but I think I will settle for Sony Vaio
* playing with Hanif. He seems to be more alert about his surrounding and people around him. He response quickly to the sound of my voice. That makes me very excited!
* planning to take an online course. I am still looking around to see which one fits me and my schedule

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