Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday and the things that comes with it

Monday starts with a bang! I am feeling much better today. I think a little outing yesterday did me good. Hanif as usual, don’t really sleep much lately. He is a little bit vocal when he didn’t sleep. So many things he did that makes me jump!

I did managed to squeeze in a few minutes to make these two layouts using Frolic Kit. Just love this kit! Get it at Scrapbookgraphic store.
what it means-web junetodolist-web
* Finally they managed to fix aircond in my room. Love the cool feeling in this really hot afternoon
* I am so craving for chocolate right now
* I am so waiting for the 44 days to be over.
* I am hungry most of the time
* I am so anxious to start working out. My tummy and my arms really need a good stretch and workout

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