Monday, June 11, 2012

Living the 5S


I really got to say thank you to Dr Harvey for his amazing forth trimester and 5s technique. The happiest baby on the block really help me raise a healthy and happy baby. I never knew Calming reflex exist until I read the book.

I’ve tried his technique and it really helps me a lot. Luckily  my baby doesn’t really need all the 5s. Swaddle really helps a lot and helps him calm down and sleep better. Hanif really likes swaddle, swinging and sucking. I am really surprise that I don’t have a crying baby in the house like I used to have with my last baby.

If you have a new baby or about to be a new parent I suggest you run to the book store near you and get the Happiest Baby on the block book and watch the DVD with the same title. It’s the only tools you need to survive the first three months of you baby’s life!

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