Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introducing breast milk in a bottle

I just wanted to see if Hanif will take milk in a bottle. I expressed 4 oz of milk using Phillip Avent Manual Pump for 20 minutes
and I used Avent Bottle to give it to Hanif. The catch is I don’t give Hanif the bottle myself but I asked my eldest son to do it. I don’t him look for my breast when I hold him and I just don’t want him to have a nipple confuse. I’ve been using this approached since my second son and it work perfectly.


With a little guide from me, he managed to give his baby brother the bottle. Hanif rejected the teat at first but after a little bit of persuasion he sucked the bottle without any complain.


Thanks Hazim for being a good big brother. Now I just have to train Hazim to change his brother nappy, then he will be a prefect babysitter. ( I wonder if he will agree to do it… hehehe).

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