Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Instagram

Loving my Friday so far and taking photos of my baby like crazy and once in a while record some cute videos of him.

These are mine…..


Such a beautiful thing to watch

Cuteness overload

Cuteness Overload

 He is looking at my mickey mouse iphone cover

He is looking right at my Mickey Mouse iphone cover

He is happy when I sit right next to him

It's amazing how he stops craying and respose to my present. He is happy when I sit right next to him

Amazing how he response to the sound of my voice

Amazing to see how he response to the sound of my voice

life rearranged


Paula said...

Hi!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog on Thursday and following, I've just returned the ♥!

Your baby certainly does set off the cuteness overload alarm!! So sweet ;)


Allie said...

So adorable! Great photos!

Tara said...

Hi! So glad to meet you!! You have the most beautiful little boy!! I miss my 7 year old being that small. Thank you for visiting me at Therapy 4 Roses. Anything I can help you with embird let me know. I am still learning, but love it!!


Zam said...

Salam~ Zam dtg sini ;) Thanks sb dtg ziarah zam kat blog sblm ni ;)

Unknown said...

Your baby is so adorable. What a little cutie! I am glad you are able to capture all these sweet little faces and expressions! Sweet as a can be!

Cropped Stories said...

I love your pictures of him; he's so adorable!

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