Monday, June 25, 2012

day 171 - day 177–so fast

The day is moving way too fast. I just don’t have enough energy and time to capture everything. I just love every single detail of my new baby especially the smell. I wish I could capture the smell.

day 171 – he is looking at my mickey mouse iphone casing while I am busy taking photos of him.day171

day 172  - he is quietly observing his environmentday172

day 173- I celebrate my 41 birthday
day 174 - I love how he smiles when he look at me and hear my voice

day 175- playing with his sister. 

day 176 - I just had to snap this photo of the three of them. It was so cute how Hanif watch his brother playing games

day 177- Another happy Monday morning after his morning bath. He is 59 days today. Almost two months already. Wow! I only have one more month to enjoy this immobility. After three months he will definitely be moving a lot.


Melanie said...

Such a beautiful family & lovely captures!!

Tamar SB said...

Your little guy is so cute! And hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Lori said...

happy birthday, and such sweet faces!

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. Such adorable photos!!!

Gina Kleinworth said...

Awwww- what a little cutie! Happy Birthday too!

{Shannon} said...

41 is not only by ANY means, but you certainly don't look it!! WOW!! And I don't blame you on the baby! Couldn't you just stare forever! Do you use Baby Magic lotion by chance?! That's what I used with mine, and I still love the smell :-)

packmom said...

Happy birthday! Love that shot of your three kids--so cute. What a beautiful family you have.

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