Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 things baby carrier

Yesterday I went to Alamanda with Hazwan and Hanif. I am not in the mood to bring a long the stroller which is heavier than the baby and doesn’t even fit into my small car. So I decided to get a baby carrier so that I can carry Hanif around without a stroller.
He really likes it very much. Well, he doesn’t complain much as long as he is swaddle or have a human contact. I didn’t have the chance to take any photos yesterday so I asked my eldest son to pose for me today. He can handle the carrier without any problem.
5 things why I love this baby carrier
#1) the baby carrier is much more lighter than the stroller
#2) it feels natural to hold my baby closer to me.
#3) no sudden movement from his arms, which can always upset him
#4) this baby carrier from Naforye (available at Modernmums Alamanda) has 4 ways to carry the baby – from newborn to 12 months old baby
#5) I can carry Hanif in a laying position which makes nursing so much easier. I don’t have to take off the carrier
Wednesday-Hanif2 Wednesday-Hanif3 Wednesday-Hanif6 Wednesday-Hanif4
Have a wonderful and great Wednesday!


lucy at dear beautiful said...

The photo you have linked up to the Our Footprints On The World photo party is just so cute. What a sweetie. X

Anonymous said...

Aw she looks so cute and tiny in her cool new carrier, my baby doesn't fit in his anymore :( It's so sad x

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