Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Instagram

It’s almost 28 days postpartum. I am feeling much better even though I did get much  sleep last night.

Life so far has just been routine. Sleep, rest, take care of the baby, eat and watch TV (if I can steal a few minutes). I am so looking forward to the day I can be myself again.

Love this picture frame from AyuUntitledNow he wants to sleepAfter a bathUntitledLove him in a white outfitUntitled

This week randomness:
* It’s the finale for American Idol. Looking forward to see who won the title
* My little boy is almost one month. Looking forward to watch him grow up
* My mom is going home this weekend. Going to miss having her around
* Thinking about what my to do list would be like in the next 5 months. Not going to work, would be great but I just have to make sure my time is occupy with important things
* Being a full time mother has been my dream, and now I got to live it for 5 months.

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