Saturday, May 12, 2012

Page Maps to the rescue

Every time I felt like my creativity getting low, I always comes to pagemaps for inspiration and as a guide to get started again. This month pagemaps is full with many guide and inspiration for me to get started scrapping again. So for these two layouts I used this pagemap. So simple and sweet.


Credit: Handle with Care Kit by Dawn Inskip

takingabreak-web Credit: Girls Night Out Kit by Studio Flergs

Saturday Randomness
* I am glad that I got to take a few hours nap today. I desperately needed the rest cause I wasn’t get that much sleep at night
* the temperature is a little bit hot even though it looks like it’s going to rain
* I got a chance to watched the last episode of the Vampire Diaries, and I was definitely surprise with the ending. Never thought that Elena will be a Vampire. I guess I should have read the book. Never thought she would choose Damon but it was still a sad moment hearing the truth. I think they should bring back Katherine in the next season just to shook things up
* It’s Day 16, and I am not sure if my baby blues have lift up. Sometimes little things can makes me upset and I just cried

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