Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy mother’s day to me and to all mothers of the world

It’s mother’s day  today. I am happy and thankful that I still have a mother to wish Happy mother’s day and my mom is with me right now, currently taking care of my during my 30 days of confinement. Love you emak!!

I am also a mother and I am so thankful to have four beautiful kids with me. They are my pride and joy. It was 15 years ago, I’ve become a mother and life hasn’t been the same. Your whole world isn’t the same.

Last week I bought this kit Being mommy by Amanda Heiman for $1.00 and I totally love it. It’s perfect to celebrate motherhood and all the important women in your life!

beingamother-web motheragain-web

2012 is such an amazing year for me. I’ve become a new mother again. It’s definitely different. I had totally different experience and I am so glad I decided to document them for my sake and for my kid sake.

I felt a little bit scare to face the next 24 months, cause baby grow up so fast. I felt like if I blink, I will miss out on magical moments like his first hiccup, his first smile, his first laugh and his first everything.

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