Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hanif // 1 month


I am still adjusting to having a baby in the house. It has been a long time since I had a baby. The experience was definitely joyful and exhausting at the same time. Having to sleep less and taking care of a newborn were definitely challenging at my age.

So far Hanif has been a bless. He is so cute and adorable that I want to hold him, hug him and kiss him all the time.


He gained a little bit of weight since birth. The doctor said he is in healthy range and besides breastfeed baby is unique. He nurse frequently which makes me hungry almost all the time. Thank you  Herbalife for satisfying my hunger. But I still think I eat a lot to replace all the calories I lost. I have been craving for chocolates since the last few days. Somehow chocolates satisfiedme emotionally and physically.

I have 14 more days before my postpartum check up. This means I am still in confinement mode.

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