Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Different Point of View

It has been a really long time since I grab my DSLR and taking photos just for fun. I am feeling a little bit better today so I decided to take a photo of my new baby from different point of view. For the last few weeks I have only taken photos of him  using my  iphone with about the same angel or point of view. I hope today I did something different.

If you want to participate and learn about different point of view, check out Sarah blog for more.

I took this photo at a slightly above my baby eye level.


And this one was slightly below his eye level .macro_hanif_01

At this age I am really trying to caputre the details of his all things related to him cause in the next 12 months he will not be a baby anymore!

Tutorial Tuesday

1 comment:

Ashley Sisk said...

I like how you changed it up - great perspective.

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