Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day # 151 // 366 and something random

It has been a long time since I took a self portait. I still think I carry some baby weight especially on my tummy and my face. I think lack of beauty sleep makes me look tired and chubby.

I am so looking forward to start working on loosing extra weight. I do not want to change my clothes. I still have a few dresses which I didn't get a chance to ware because I got pregnant.

Some random things today:
# it was raining since this morning
# Hanif sleep nicely in his swing, in the living room with his siblings while they are watching TV
# third day without my mom beside me
# i am still struggling with developing content for my blog for the next few months
# only one more week to go before my next checkup

# i am a little bit worry about what kind of outfit I can wear outside. I am still looking for a baby friendly clothes that is stylish and fit my personality

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