Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day # 131 // 366 and a g-list

It's Thursday today which means it's already day 14. Life is a little bit hectic for me. Figuring out my little one isn't easy cause he is changing almost everyday. I haven't done this in 10 years and there's a lot to relearn and get used to. Given my age, I just hope I am healthy and have the energy to care for a newborn. I am aware of the large generation gap between this baby and me, there's also a gap between him and his siblings.

My g-list for today....
# so happy to have the new addition to the family, my little miracle for 14 days now
# glad I still have a mother to help me out
# C-section which allowed me to meet my baby earlier
# all the gifts and the wishes from people I know
# I feel a little bit stronger every singel day. I am looking forward to six weeks postportum
# ipad and iphone that kept me sane during these first few weeks when all I see around me is my room and my new baby
# american idol
#iphone 4S camera which is good enough to capture my daily life

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