Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 things I missed about being pregnant

I had delivered my forth child almost two weeks ago and I’ve already missed being pregnant. I know that I was so anxious and really looking forward to hold this baby in my arms during the whole pregnancy. I never thought I would miss being pregnant. Almost two weeks later, I’ve already miss being pregnant.


10 things I missed the most..

* watching my body changed from 0 month until 9 months later
* the craving you have for a certain food. I never really enjoy food except during pregnancy
* wearing clothes that were big enough to fit my growing belly
* the urge to shop for baby stuffs
* the feeling of your baby movement and kick especially at night
* making a pregnancy journal and document every moment from the maternity check up to the emotional roller coaster
* enjoy resting and sleeping most of the time
* the baby response every time I stroke my tummy and talk to him
* thick hair due to the hormones
* the anticipation of having a new addition to the family was so exciting to me

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Reena Kamarudin said...

ibu yang baik :)

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