Friday, January 13, 2012

Make over your life Part #1

It's a new year and it's time to make over your life. Wise man said people who don't change will not be successful in life. I think change is apart of life. If you don't change you will not be able to grow.
Some interesting tips that can be consider to make over your life. Sometime little things can make all the differences.
2/52 Life
#1. Wake up 20 minutes earlier than normal
- I've tried this and it really works. This year two of my kids going to morning session school and I have to wake up 20 minutes early to wake them up and send them to school. I still got extra 15 minutes to just relax and enjoy my morning
Caminando en mis sueños

#2. Plan a big task for the week and focus on just that the entire week
This would be great if I can really apply it at work. Taking control of your time and you calendar becomes more challenging when everything has to be done yesterday.

#3. Read something funny and laugh out loud
laughter is definitely the best medicine

#4. Set aside a holy hour just for yourself
this goal is really one of the goal that I really want to achieve. I am up for taking care of yourself and self indulgence.

#5. Pay your bills promptly
- this is all for a peace of mind and no late charges

#6. Show up at least five minutes early for your appointment
- this is something I can really practice because by nature I am a punctual person and I really hate being late for anything.

#7. Clear your work desk and keep it clutter-free
- Yup.. totally agree. Clutter-free life is so much better and less stressful

#8. Volunteer for a day
- this is  something I can try.. helping other for the sake of helping with no hidden agenda.

#9. Eat raw vegetables
- not really sure if I can do this.. I am hungry all the time
Probably will try this during my confinement.

#10. Take a power nap
- totally agreed. Giving myself a little bit of a break from everything else really helps my mood and energy.

Ивана 10 дни
#11. Give something away
- Will have to take stock of what I have and give some away.  I just  need to schedule a time to do this.

#12. Say thank you to a stranger
- Totally agree.. being thankful is good for the soul.

#13. Exercise an extra 10 minutes
- this definitely will shock your body to work a little bit harder.
need to remember to do this 

#14. Make time to eat a healthy breakfast
-this is something I  really have to do consciously. It's really important for me to eat  healthy.

#11 — the travel journalist
#15. Empty your closet and toss what you don't need
-with my changing body, I do need to clear out my closet. I need a system to categorize my clothing and my outfit. Other wise I will be running out of space in no time.

Note: source CLEO Malaysia January 2011. Photos taken from flickr.

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