Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flashback to 2005

While blogging about Universal Studio Singapore, I felt a little bit nostalgic. These theme parks always bring backs beautiful memories for me. Too bad I don't have that many photos while I was in the States. I managed to come back to Florida again in 2005. It was such a fun and memorable experience for me.
Some photos from Magic Kingdom, Orlando Florida I have managed to find.

IMG_1926 Magic Kingdom IMG_1925Magic Kingdom Magic Kingdom

1 comment:

J u l i a 。.゜✿ said...

ju dulu pergi universal studio Hollywood. pengalaman paling best dalam hidup ju =D
now akak cerita pasal universal studio singapore.. teringin nak bawa anak pula ke sana. dekat pun dekat kan kak niza.. =)

take care hotmummy.

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