Monday, November 28, 2011

Tips of the week // the power of deadlines

It's a public holiday here in Malaysia. I am loving this day so far. The weather is cool and less hot. I like it!
I was reading emails from my inbox and I saw this newsletter from Get Organized Now.. The power of deadlines.. No wonder I work better with a deadlines...
Here is why....

"How can it work for you?

1) Deadlines force you to set a goal and then focus on it.

Getting the guest room ready for company next week is a goal, but it needs to be broken down into several steps. Determine what they are and their best sequence to meet that goal. These might include taking the comforter to be cleaned, clearing the extraneous 'stuff,' cleaning the room, and adding little touches to make it welcoming.

2) Setting a deadline helps organize your time.

The comforter on the guest bed needs to be cleaned. You want to allow three days for the cleaners to have it ready. Therefore, you must schedule a time to take it. You have a dental appointment tomorrow morning? Drop the comforter off on the way. Do the same with the other steps in your project. Plan the best use of your time for getting each step done.

3) Deadlines increase your productivity.

Perhaps you have been clearing out a few things here and there to take to the thrift store or the consignment shop, and you have been using the guest room for storage until you can get around to taking them. Knowing you have to get that room in order by next week is likely to spur you on to clearing any last few things and getting them out of the house.

4) Deadlines lessen your likelihood of getting distracted.

We all have our favorite 'time wasters'--the Internet, television, email, etc. Time can get away so quickly on those days when we think, 'I'll just sit down for a minute and see what's on TV or online.' When you know you have a task with a deadline, you are less likely to fritter away time on the inconsequentials.

But what about setting deadlines for your everyday or weekly to do list? This is often trickier because there may not be a rush to get some things done. How do you motivate yourself to set and stick to deadlines?

A) What's most important?

Begin with deciding what things on the list are the most important, and what is a reasonable deadline for them. Put a due date and a star beside them on the list. Is there more than one action involved for getting a task done? You may want to break the goal down into steps with a deadline for each step. Watering all the plants by the end of today is a simple deadline. Organizing five years worth of photos thrown in a box is probably going to require more than one step, as well as time management.

B) Share your plan.

For some people, telling others about their deadline gives them the incentive to meet it. Feeling some accountability for meeting a goal is very motivating.

C) Make it better.

Consider how you can make a chore more pleasant for yourself. Planning to drive through the coffee shop for a latte to take home and enjoy while you pay bills and balance the checkbook can make the task seem less disagreeable. Or maybe you have something to do that you could take to the coffee house and work on there, giving you a pleasant outing with fewer distractions.

Download some interesting podcasts or some new music to listen to on your mp3 player while you weed the garden. If there is nothing you can do to make the task more enjoyable while you are doing it, plan a reward for yourself after it's done--perhaps an hour with a good book, or the magazine that came last week that you have not had time to read. Or maybe a manicure or pedicure if the task has been particularly onerous.

D) Picture it.

Visualize the relief you will feel when the task is behind you. The freedom from thinking about it is a reward in itself. Imagine how good you will feel to have that weight off of your shoulders.

E) Deadlines are not something to dread and avoid.

They can be used to motivate, invigorate and focus on the tasks we want to accomplish. Upon completion they reward us with a sense of achievement and satisfaction."
Source from get organize now newsletter.

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