Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jom #GanyangAedes! // Community Alert

Hear a buzzing, high pitched noise in your ear? Irritating isn’t it! Fight the deadly dengue! #GanyangAedes

Dengue is transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes from the blood of an infected person to its next victim. The most effective way to prevent dengue is to prevent Aedes mosquitoes from any opportunity to breed. Aedes commonly breed in stagnant fresh water, in places such as:
  • Clogged drains & rain gutter
  • Used tires, plastic bags, containers and litter that collect water
  • Flower vases
  • Pails/watering cans that are left in the open
  • Flat canvas sheets that trap water
  • Potted plants with hardened topsoil
  • Tray receptacles under air conditioner units
  • Water features
You can prevent dengue from spreading by following these tips:
  • Ensure that there is no stagnant water in the common Aedes breeding grounds.
  • If stagnant water is required, then add mosquito larvae repellant, or add oil to the surface of the water, or change the water regularly.
  • Use mosquito repellants, insecticide spray or mosquito nets when you are indoors.
  • Use mosquito repellent salves if you need to be outside in mosquito-infested areas.
  • If you are going away from home for a long period, ensure the gully/floor traps are closed, toilet bowls are covered and add larvae repellant to your flower vases, bathroom pool and other open water containers.
  • Work with your neighbours to clean up the community areas of any potential Aedes breeding spots.
  • If you suspect that there are breeding grounds for Aedes in the neighbourhood such as abandoned homes, construction sites, factories or torn-down buildings, then contact the local authority immediately to take action.
Be proactive in stopping Aedes from breeding. Your quick reaction is important to ensure that there is no dengue outbreak. Visit Info Sihat for more information.

(Info Sihat's website for dengue is » http://www.infosihat.gov.my/penyakit/penyakitD/Denggi.php)

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