Saturday, October 29, 2011

What to wear ……. 13 Week


what to wear 13 what to wear 13 what to wear 13

Blouse: Femina
Pants: Femina
Shawl: Shawl shop at Warta
Inner Shawl: Firzara Exclusive

I had such a hectic week! With all that has been happening in my life, I still found that this week move a little bit slower than usual. I love spending time at my parents house. Being a daughter is so much fun! It makes me hate having to leave them and go back to work at Putrajaya which is 2 and half hours away. Lately driving has become a  big deal to me. My focus is not up to speed and my energy is nowhere to be found. Work isn’t a picnic either. I am happy that I can finally eat again. My body temperature is rising which makes living in a hot country like mine is not easy.

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