Tuesday, October 11, 2011

taking it all in...

Woman at work
Life has a way of making you slow down, change your world upside down and make you stop and evaluate. Suddenly my life is not the same anymore, business is not as usual. 
My world is changing so much and I just can't help but to enjoy every moment of it.
Finally, the idea that I am pregnant is sinking in. It's the most unique experience cause every pregnancy is different. No matter how many times you experience it, it will always feel like the first one every time (for me at least). Things I enjoy and intend to enjoy during these wonderful months....
   -   eating without have to worry about gaining weight
   -   a lot of rest during the day and night
   -   requesting help from my kids on routine tasks
   -   document my journey 
   -   shopping for maternity clothes and baby stuffs
   -   photography opportunity of my changing body

1 comment:

TiTi said...

great to hear the good news, congrats! :D

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