Friday, October 21, 2011

Blog Love revisit

A year ago, I took Blog Love e-course. This was the first e-course I took ever. The price is a bit expensive when converted into Ringgit Malaysia but I decided to buy it anyway just because I only have to pay it one time and I can have access to them anytime I want. Anyway, it was the best gift ever that I have given myself. I still go back to the course every time I feel unmotivated. 

I feel so inspired, every time I read the course. Elsie also add 10 Tips for Time Management and some other fun details. I really like being around creative people cause they really know how to make every day life seems fun and beautiful. Elsie is also the reason I keep on blogging all these years. I just wish I could take a peek at her life for a day or spend one day with her.
If you're interested in this course, take a peek at more info here. You can also read reviews here.

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