Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 things I am craving right now

Life is pretty much changed in 360 degree for me. Life is definitely not as usual. So many things that  I  have to adapt to since I am tired and hungry all  the time. Lack of energy really makes life a little bit  harder for me. I relay more on my kids just to keep the house clean and liveable.
This time around my craving starts a little bit early. So far these 5 items really made my day every time I have them.
#1) Cadbury chocolates
Somehow this particular brand really fit my taste at the moment. Sweet, creamy and the right amount of cocoa.
#2) Guava
This fruit really makes me crave for more. It has  the  right  amount of sour and sweet. Really really good when eating with sweet and sour sprinkles.
#3) Orange juice
All I can think about  is these  orange juice. I  know it  has  a lot of sugar in it but at this moment I don’t really care. I try to control the amount of  juice I  consume and balance it out with a  lot  of  mineral water.
#4) SKII Skin Care
My skin is so dam bad right now. I just want to have that pregnancy glow but so far nothing. I desperately need some TLC in the facial area. I will get me these set soon.
#5) Ice cream
This is really one of my guilty pleasure lately. It really is a substitute for happiness. So cool, sweet and double yummmy.

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sailaaf said...

haha.i think i choose the last one.

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