Monday, October 10, 2011

10 things// digital kits related to baby

Lately I was so busy being pregnant and dealing with the fatigue, shortness of breath, headache and nausea that I sometimes forget that at the end of all this, I will welcome a new baby. My cute and adorable miracle baby. I just realize that I don’t have anything related to infant and baby, including collection of digital kits related to babies.

So I hunt the internet for some beautiful kits out there and put them in my wish list for future purchase.

#1) i’ll love you forever

i'll love you forever (kit) by sahlin studio

#2) Bottom’s Up! Girl

Bottoms Up! Girl by Amy Hutchinson

#3) New Beginings

New Beginnings

#4) Baby Love – Girl

Baby Love - Girl w/ Melissa Bennett

#5) Shower for Mommy – Boy

Shower for Mommy- Boy

#6) Baby Love – Girl

Baby Love- Girl

#7) Baby Elf

024 Baby Elf by Lily Designs

#8) Sweet Pea Whimsy

Sweet Pea Whimsy (girl)

#9) Pea in a Pod

Pea in a Pod, by Kristin Aagard

#10) Tuesday Child

Tuesday's Child - collab with Studio Flergs

I just can’t wait to collect all of these beautiful and adorable kits!

Notes: all photos are linked to the store.

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