Saturday, September 17, 2011

5 Places I go for Inspiration

I have been feeling sick and uninspired since a few weeks ago. Nothing I do seems to be good enough. I lost the passion for scrapping and even blogging. So I decided to take a day off yesterday from turning on my lappy and post random things. I spend most of the day resting, watching movies and reading.

Today I was ready to be in front if my computer and start scrapping and blogging again. So the first five places I go for jumpstart my mood and inspire me are as follows….. I just love these blogs / forums.


#1) A Beautiful Mess

I always feel fresh and inspire after spending the time to read elsie’s blog. She is so creative and fill with amazing ideas.


#2) Digishoptalk

It is always great to spend time hanging out at digishoptalk forum and galleries. Some of my blogs ideas came from the forum at digishoptalk


#3) the Daily digi

This is such a resourceful  place to be when you are looking for a new and creative ways to scraps. Lots of beautiful ideas to get you going.


#4) my words

Taking a peak at Amy’s life is something I did in a regular basis. I like reading her story, enjoy her family photos and follow her projects. I always feel motivated and inspire after every visit.


#5) Campfire Chic

I love lists. Even though I don’t really share Kam’s passion for camping and outdoor stuffs but I do share her passion for photography, blogging and lists.

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