Friday, July 8, 2011

List #1 // A few things about yourself

I decided to participate in this 30 days of lists just because I love making lists. This is such a fun project. I can get enough of lists and this will definitely help me blog for the next 30 days. How exciting!

List #1: A few things about yourself
  • trying really hard to be a great mother
  • wanting so bad to be better at something I am working on
  • blogging has been my life therapy for over four years now
  • finding new ways of doing things has been my thing lately
  • I am 40 and loving every minute of it
  • often daydreaming about what would happen if I quit my day job and just focus on doing creative things
  • not thinking about work at the moment
  • wondering what would have happened if I just say no and walk away
  • trying really hard to love more and hate less
  • I am missing this cute baby so much. She’s already growing up and suddenly I am having a young lady in the house.

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