Thursday, June 2, 2011

today I …. 02.06.2011

Today I …..
  • feel compel to express myself visually
  • wanted to transfer from my current office so badly
  • spend the whole day dreaming about what if…
  • wanted to watch the whole series of X-Men movies
  • play with King Camera
  • was wondering what is the whole fuss about #adindaevans
  • was so shocked to read about Prince William divorce – it feels like a hoax
  • was thinking about how am I going to survive the next 18 years with this style of management
  • was wondering what will the top management do when all of the currently employee put up a transfer letter
  • enjoy my pizza night dinner with my kids
  • kept repeat this mantra over and over again – i have to be strong, i have to be strong, i have to be strong
  • just wanted a simple and less complicated life

1 comment:

tengkuyu said...

same goes here...wanna transfer also...cannot stand with the current top management style...headache...

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