Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thankful Thought // the Thank you game….

Yesterday I played a thank you game with my kids. I asked each one of them to say what are they thank you + a reason, to each other and to me too. I find it very easy to say why I am thankful to each one of them.. but they are very reluctant to say thank you to each other. It was so much fun to see how they struggled to say thank you to each other.

Here was how the conversation went…\

Me: “ Thank you Hazim for being thoughtful today, Thank you Hazwan for helping me set the table, Thank you Hazirah for not crying this morning.”

Hazim: “ Thank you emak for sending me to my tuition class, Thank you Hazirah because making me laugh so hard, Thank you Hazwan… (he really having trouble thinking good thoughts abt his brother)

Hazwan: “Thank you …..”

Hazirah: “ Thank you emak sebab belikan Zira buku cerita,… Thank you ….. hemmmm…

And then they just laughed… oh boy!

I think I might make this Thank you game – a daily game. I want my kids to have a positive thoughts about each other. It’s not easy to think a positive thoughts about other people if you are not a person who see the good in people.


So today I am thankful for my SONY laptop. I am always happy when I just spend my time with just me and SONY. I feel like I am in a different world. A world with just me and my happy things. Life seems so much better.

to download the Thankful Thought overlay .. click here.

So what are you thankful for today…

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