Wednesday, June 8, 2011

one crazy day and Some Weatz

It was an interesting day for me. Everything seems so blur, far fetch, falling apart and out of control. It feels like you never win no matter what you do. How does life become this hard?

I decided to make a layout about what was on my mind. Scrapbooking is the cheapest therapy and I intend to make use of it. Hopefully one day when thing get better, I might want to remember this day and reflect on the lesson learned!


Credit: iLife by SuzyQ and Ziggly Designs.

Journaling: “ When you think about it, work should be fun and fulfilling. You spend 70% of your life at work and thinking about work, you should feel good about you are doing. Otherwise what’s the point?
Job satisfaction is so damn important. Lately all the things that makes me excited and motivated for work seems so thin and might break anytime. URGHH!!!!”

I used Some Weatz font available at the dafont. To download the font click here.


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