Thursday, May 26, 2011

I love you this big!!! And 10 things why ..

I have a mix feelings about this. I love Scotty and Lauren and think both of them deserve to win the title! I secretly wanting Lauren to win just because it has been so long since a girl won the Anerican Idol title!

Congrats to Scotty and I am so looking foward to his debut album.

10 things why I love the grand final show:
#1. Ryan Seacrest is still the host of the show
#2. I love seeing the final 2 perform on the stage for the last time
#3. Jennifer Lopez's sexy dance while her hubby sang his heart out on the American Idol stage.
#4. Lady gaga - I would love to hate her but she is so confidance and comfortable in her own skin but I just can't. And that my friend is girl power!
#5. Suddenly I realize how sexy and cool is when you combine black with red
#6. Steven Tyler was super amazing with that performance! So crazy, wild and energetic.
#7. There so many stars and so many genre in one show. It feels like a farewell party for the idols. I am feeling a little nostalgic at the moment
#8. At the end it's all about the music and it's all about the people. I hope Scotty will remain true to himself and be in the industry for a very long time.
#9. 122 million votes! I think this the highest so far. I would really love to see more of Scotty, Lauren, James and Hailey
#10. It's about being who you are, tell an amazing story, how bad you want to win it and last but not least- famous phrase this season - You are in it to Win it !!!
I think the only thing missing is Phia solo and Chris Madena. I think the Idol should invite him. His story really moves a lot of people.

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