Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the last thing on my mind

Getting fit has been a struggle for me since January 2011. I think when I am approaching 40, my energy is getting a bit low and exercise is the last thing on my mind. I have an on and off relationship with exercise and working out. Sometimes I was so excited to do them everyday and some other times I just dread the thought of doing it.


I really don’t want to get on a scale because I will get stressful with the digit. In my mind I always picture me with my ideal weight at 52 kg but I think I can only go as low as 55kg. Loosing that last 5 kg really tough!

I know I should set a goal for my self. In the spirit on my word for this year – Transform—I really need to do something to transform my weight to a better number like 55 kg.

I have about 2 more months till my 40th birthday. So I would really like to challenge myself to drop the kg to 55.


In order to achieve my goal I need to:
* drink lots of water especially when I am hungry (due to stress)
* exercise daily – I think I want to keep my exercise routine simple. So I am going to do Jillian 30 day shred everyday.
* eat less – especially no solid food after 8:00pm
* walk a lot, use stairs instead of lift (hemm can I really do it?) Maybe I  will try this tomorrow

Notes: I went for a medical check up for officers 40 and above. One of the nurse asked me, are you really 40? I told her I am. She doesn’t believe me until she saw my identification number. That makes me smile. hehehe


Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

Well you should feel really good that you don't look forty- that might be better then being fit.

I have done the 30 shred- it was good but hard for me to maintain everyday.

I hope it goes well,


cakeologist said...

The closer I get to 40 the harder it gets...when I was younger it seemed like I only had to think about losing weight to make it happen:)

Vanessa said...

Good for you in setting is so much easier when you have something specific you are working towards! I use the 30 day shred on the days I am not working out with my trainer or at is a great dvd!

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