Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 things: how to survive a broken heart

After all these years of coping and trying to make sense of everything, I’ve finally have the courage to say that I am ok and I will survive.

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We’ve seen and heard a lot of suicide and killing happening around the world just because they have been hurt emotionally by someone they love and trust. That’s the worst kind of pain. You feel like your whole world is ending and there’s no point of moving on.


I would like to share a few tips that I found very useful to me while I was going through the proses of healing.

#1) Let yourself feel the pain and don’t be afraid to cry
    It really is the most important part of healing. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or how long you should feel the pain. You have to mourn. In away it’s the death of the relationship you’ve known and you have to give yourself time to grief.

#2)  Surround myself with friends and family
  When I was feeling sad and heartbroken, I don’t really feel like seeing anybody. That’s not a good idea because I can easily get lost in the pain and lost the will to move on. My family and friends really gives me strength and the courage to face the pain. Having my own personal cheerleader is also help  a lot.

#3) Write
  I find writing to be very therapeutic. I  can really describe everything that I was feeling without the fear of being judge. Come to think of it, that was also the time when I first started to blog.

Notebook Love

#4) Be around things that make me happy
   During my healing proses, it’s very hard to do things that make me happy cause I couldn’t feel anything. After awhile, I forced myself to get up every morning and just do things that I know will make me happy. I laugh a lot and that certainly remind me why I enjoy doing them.

#5) Exercise
  It’s the best medicine for emotional pain. Instead of feeling the  gap with food or drugs, I feel it with adrenaline by exercise.

#6) Readjust your view.
     Changing the perspective of my life is really important. Instead of focusing on what I lost, I just have to focus on what I gain and what I have. Life is too short to waste it on negative  things.

#7) Never ever blame yourself
     It’s easily to blame yourself when the one person you love and trust, hurt you. Remember that no matter how painful you feel, you are special. Just because someone stop loving you, doesn’t mean that you are not worth loving.

#8) Scrapbooking
    In the first few months of feeling the pain, I couldn’t bring myself to scrap anything. I didn’t feel pretty and creative. After a while, I forced myself to scrap about things that I find important and make me happy. I found out that creative outlet really help me deal with the pain and make me focus more on things that are important to me and all my small accomplishment

#9) Veronica Mars
   I am so glad I found Veronica Mars. Somehow watching that show really help me put things into perspective. It’s my sweet escape.


#10) Recite Al-Quran
     Every time I recite the Holy Quran I feel clam, safe and love.  It’s the most beautiful thing ever. It always reminds me how precious  and temporary life is.

That’s basically were the things I did while going through the proses of healing. I didn’t say that I don’t feel hurt or sad from time to time. I do. When I started to feel the pain again, I just allow myself to cry for a few minutes. When the pain is gone I move on with my life.


Anonymous said...

Nice tips.thnkss 4 sharing ;D

KatekateKite said...

huhuu.... sedih lak!

terimekasih atas tips yg diberi! =)

bagus untuk diamalkan! =)

Azah Rahaman said...

awesome ! thanx sharingg

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