Tuesday, March 1, 2011

between work and having a life!


Lately I felt like I don’t really have a life outside of work! Urgh!!! How did this happened? Our work should be a part of our lives not our whole life! Somehow the line between work life and personal life seems so blur.

#1) Working hours is not 8 hours anymore – I think every where people have been working like crazy regardless what time of the day or night. Work seems to dominate everything

#2) Sometimes they forgot that we are human and not a machine – lately we are expected to work like a machine, non stop. With all the responsibilities we don’t even take the time to exercise, eat healthy and enjoy the pleasure of being alive. I even feel guilty every time I want to take a personal leave. It feels like I will committed a crime when I wanted to take a day off.

#3) Being a professional working woman and a mother is so challenging. There are times you feel like you’ve neglected your children when you have to spend the day and night working. How do you juggle between being a great public servant and a great mother? Can you really have it all?


#4) A lot if things have changed but the rules and the procedure still remain the same. I think it’s about time “they” review certain things, add a few flexibility  and reduce red tapes. Some things which can be done faster should be reviewed. At one end they want us to be innovative and creative but at  the other end there are a lot of barriers that prevent that initiatives.

#5) Some form of recognition and privilege should be given to those who deserve it. When I was watching Academy Awards yesterday, it made me think that our PERJASA or CUPECS or PUSPANITA should have some form of Oscar like event to recognize the talent, the outstanding job and hard work that we, the public servant,  put into it. I know that we have like all kinds of audits and Anugerah Kualiti or 5 Star Ratings and all sort of other awards which are too formal and have all those red tapes. We still can have that, but it is also nice to have another type of awards that people can vote for and little less formal and government like with all sort of fun categories like the best service counter, the most talented programmer, people who has other expertise other than their day job, all rounded workers, the best boss ever.. etc.


So for those students out there, if you think working is less stressful than studying, then you are way wrong. At least when you are a student you know that it will be the end when you have a degree in your hand but when you work, your job will never be finished and everything is always under construction. There’s no ending!! Not every work place is like Pixar or Google.
So enjoy your student life as much as you can because once it’s over you will never get it back.


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Mama Kembar Tiga said...

time jd student uni laa paling stress & worry free kan? nothing to worry bout except pass exam. owwhh such a simple life that was...

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