Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gathering at Mid Valley 2010 with bloggers

I didn't plan to join the gathering because I already have plan later that evening. I only wanted to join for a few hours and at the same take my kids out for bowling.

Some of the bloggers I just meet for the first time and some of them I’ve already meet. We had fun at the bowling game and by the time we’re finished it's almost one. Only two hours till the official gathering. I still haven’t makeup my mind whether to stay of to leave.

By the time I’ve finished with lunch and shopping, it’s almost 3:00. So I decided to drop by a while, chat, exchange contacts, take a few photos and left. It lasted till 4:00 pm and I am really sorry that I have to leave so soon.

It was so much fun meeting young bloggers with so much zest for life, creative and fun! Nice meeting all of you. Here are more eye candies from yesterday. Enjoy!


* with the giant bear at center court at Mid Valleygathering31Dis_04
* while waiting for them to show up, we went to MPH as always. They have one rack full of Twilight books!gathering31Dis_05 * love the new nike giant poster at Nike Shop.gathering31Dis_06 * at Cosmic Bowl gathering31Dis_07 gathering31Dis_08 gathering31Dis_09

* love the colorful bowling balls.gathering31Dis_10 * Hazwan getting ready to throw the ballgathering31Dis_11 * me with the girls – Ery, Mili, Arina, Izma and lylagathering31Dis_12 * the chopstick adventuregathering31Dis_15 * the Salvator Brothers?gathering31Dis_16 gathering31Dis_17 * group photo with the genggathering31Dis_18

want to know these amazing bloggers? check it out here.


Ujang9897 said...


Syafiq Rosli said...

wah ruginye macam xpat join

Unknown said...

awesome la :)

Unknown said...

nak pic
saya nampak ensem tgk

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