Friday, December 24, 2010

10 things: Highlights of my 2010

It’s 24th of December today. 6 more days before the year ends. So many things happened to me, some of them bad, some of them great and some of them good.

Today I decided to share my most amazing moments in 2010.

#1) I love New Year. We usually went to KLCC for a family photo shoot. And right after that I have a lot of photos to scraps.. check it out on Life so far..


#2) Reunion of My SchoolMaahad Muar. I just couldn’t believe that I didn’t blogged about it. Anyway it was the best day of my life to see some old friends.

#3) Long Lost cousin. Such an interesting and amazing story. This could be the classic example of a Facebook story.

#4) Blog Love e-course. I just love it. So inspiring!


#5) I’ve been feature in Ben Ashaari’s Blog. That’s definitely the highlights of my day.

#6) My Birthday celebration at KLCC with Ayu.

#7) Jamuan Hari Raya Upin and Ipin. It was one of the best night.


#8) I got accepted to Sunshine Studio Creative Team

#9) Bloggers gathering with Ben Ashaari at Alamada. Love the crowd. meeting new friends and bloggers. I hope we can do it again next year. Maybe this time we make it girls day out! It should be interesting. We can make it a blog party and a scrapbook party all at once.


#10) My Top 10 highlights in 2010 so far.. amazing list

I would really love to see your list in 2010? How is your journey so far?


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Shaofie said...

jemput join segmen privasi dekat blog sebagai segmen terakhir menjelang 2011. mudah je. jomjom!!

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