Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Ah Ha Moment, Ben Ashaari and Social Media—day 315:P365

It’s already late when I got home. I was thinking about my gratitude for today. I browse 30 Days Fanpage and decided that today I would like to be thankful for those ah ha moments cause today I have a few of those.
Today I attended a Social Media forum—a way forward for the government to leverage on Social Media, web 2.0, govt 2.0 and people 2.0. There were some heated discussion about the pros and cons of using facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs and myspace in public sector. Suddenly I had these flashback way back when people have this negative vibe or thoughts regarding television and internet. Now people already accepted television and internet as a medium to reach the public. I think it’s just human nature to reject change.
And that bring me to Ben Ashaari. His presence is like this new phenomena that take the blog world by surprise. The way people response to him is amazing. He always brings out new, fresh and interesting ideas to the table. With that comes the negativity some people just can’t accept. Do you see the trend here?
So Ben , don’t worry too much about it, like facebook or any other new technology, in the end people will accept it. Don’t get discourage and be true to yourself. As a blogger and as a blog reader we too should upgrade ourselves to become Blogger 2.0 and Blog Reader 2.0.
Day 15: Thankful for those Ah Ha Moments 315of365


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