Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jejak Kasih : My long lost cousin

I just don’t really know where to begin. No words can describe how I felt at the moment. Abg Rashid is my cousin. I don’t really know him because when I was growing up , he was studying in the States. After a while he became the long lost cousin. Somehow the communication between him and his family was disconnected. And that was 22 years ago.  I am not really sure the detail of the story.

To make the long story short, Facebook has made it possible for Abg Rashid to be found! Amazing! Some facts about the reunion.
* Abg Rashid’s friend found Kak Dada (Abg Rashid’s sister) on facebook
* they communicated just to make sure they were talking about the same person
* Kak Dada got Abg Rashid phone no. She called him for the first time and the rest was history
* the news spread via phone and facebook among the cousins
* all the family members were so excited with the news.
* After that Abg Rashid got his own facebook (he doesn’t have one before this)
* I added him and communicated for the first time with him via facebook chat. We’ve been chatting a lot since that day.
Amazingly he remembered me! His memories are surprisingly good.
* His sister and his mother planned to see him in November. Arrangement was made and.. this is what happened..
* They meet for the first time and the family here in Malaysia can witness it too!

* Pertemuan yang sangat menyentuh hati
* It brings tears to my eyes
* I can’t wait to meet him next year
* the video was edited by my other cousin Faizal


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