Friday, November 26, 2010

Eclipse giveaway, Celebration and day 330:P365

I am very excited  because today mark the last day of journey with 30 days of gratitude project that I started in October 28th. 2010. It has been an interesting journey for me. Life is really beautiful when you look for the beauty and little things to be thankful for.
I cannot end this project without saying thank you to all my blog readers. All of you has been an inspiration to me either through your own blogs or all your comments.

day 30 : thankful for my blog readers

To show my appreciation and gratitude, for the first time ever, I am giving away this book to one lucky reader.
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
It is still in a good condition. I really enjoy this book and I would really like to give this away so that others can enjoy it too.
[I am really sorry to all my international readers because this giveaway is only within Malaysia. I can only afford to mail this gift locally]
 How to win?
* tulis komen anda pada 'entry' ini , supaya saya tahu anda berminat
   (leave your comment here, so I know that you are interested)
* jadi follower jika belum (be my follower)
Close date: December 20th 2010
I will pick the winner randomly and announced it here on December 21st 2010


Unknown said...


i want that book..

already follow u..


Jenny said...

Wow great celebration...
1st time i saw tuan blog giv gift to followers and readers...Tak menang pun no problem still Thanks for the nice idea... hi hi hi :)

Unknown said...

fatin nak book 2 juga :)

fatin follow :D

thanks :D

Unknown said...

fatin dah follow

id follower : fatin hanani :D

Hanim Mahali said...

nice blog ... memang menarik minat untuk follow ...

funfliffy said...

pls pick me random machine !!! that book is mine hehehehe :P

CaDLyNN said...

saya berminat~
minat sgt..nak!!

Aida Tamrim said...

I want! I want! Pick me! Pick me! Pleeeeeeaaaaassseeeee =_____+

Already follow u @__@

Mama Kembar Tiga said...

Salam. Mama nakkkkkk! I lurveeee the Twilight series, have watched Eclipse the movie 4 times kat cinema, then ulang tgk dvd kat umah plak hehehe.. ohhh pls moga ada rezeki mama hehehe

Dah follow u dah dear :-)

Johari Hamzah said...

huhu... :)
bleh dpt buku 2 ke??

Luqman Din said...

Salam kak haniz..

Baru sajorh terjumpa blog kak. Dan telah selamat follow.. hahaha

Saya memang minat Twilight. I watch Twilight Saga movies. But unfortunately, despite my love to Twilight, I haven't own yet any of the Stephenie Meyer's writings..

Syukur juga kalau dapat buku ini. My first Twilight's book on my bookshelf :)

Greetings daripada team Bella lol :D

Unknown said...

hahaha..OMG..just posted the comments on ur prev entry.
it's cool if received some cool stuff like the Twilight series.
I've been one of the fan since the first book, and may be this giveaways will replace my missing Twilight, Eqlipse, and New Moon.
Just finished the Breaking Dawn and hoping that Steps will writes more! Hehehe~

Effah Mahat said...

Salam Haniz. Harap saya tak terlambat untuk giveaway ini!!!

Nak jugak! :))

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