Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reminder: Keeping things simple

Way back in January I've really determine to keep things simple in my life. Cut down on the drama and all the chaos. Now in October, almost at the end of the year, I've found out that my life is slowly going back to normal, boring and simple. I really love it.
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This were what I've accomplished so far:
#1) Enjoying the simple things in life like hot chocolate, coffee, cakes
#2) I really love staying in my house in front of my TV and my computer
Oh sunny day!

#3) Work starting to get normal, I think and I hope for a stress free office environment
#4) I am really thankful for all the technology accessible to me. My life is not the same without it.
#5) Enjoy breathing, either through exercise or just simply clear my mind.

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