Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let go of the past

, originally uploaded by F. AL-BISHER.
Let go of guilt; it’s okay to make
the same mistakes again.
Let go of obsessions; they seldom
turn out the way you planned.
Let go of hate: it’s a waste of love.
Let go of blaming others: you are
responsible for your own destiny.
Let go of fantasies so reality can come true
Let go of self-pity; someone else may need you
Let go of wanting; cherish what you have
Let go of fear; it’s a waste of faith
Let go of despair; change comes
from acceptance and forgiveness
Let go of the past; the future is here- right now.

~ Kathleen O’Brien

1 comment:

CIK TOM said...

yup sometimes we need to let go the past for a better future :)

p/s: mmg xde smix or ciktom xjumpa?thanks sudi sggh :)

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