Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 simple goals: inspiration from Elsie

I love a great challenge especially related to lists and goals. Elsie have this challenge on her blog related to simple goals that is achievable and fulfilling. Rules for this challenge can be found here.
Here is mine :
1. Exercise five times a week for at least one hour each session~ with everything that is going on in my life, making exercise a priority is a challenge. sometimes i manage to do two times of exercise per week and sometimes no exercise at all.
2. Take more photos everyday with my Canon 50D- follow through with my 365 Project until end of the year
3. Blog at least two times a day.
4. Finish reading at least 3 novels that are sitting on my night table waiting to be read – currently i am reading “The Girl with the dragon tattoo
I bought a lot of novels but did not manage to find the time to read it. I really need to finish all the new novels waiting to be read. For now I’m setting 3 novels, hopefully I can manage more.
So what are your simple goal? Post it in the comment / blog if you want to play along.

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