Monday, August 30, 2010

20th Ramadhan, day off and things to do

I've found this amazing word art at this blog. It's the perfect word for me today cause I am taking the day off from work today. Including tomorrow that is 5 days off from work. I feel so refresh and happy that I don’t have to face work related problem. I don’t know why lately I don’t really enjoy that part of my life anymore. Something need to change.
taking the day off
It’s 20th Ramadhan today and it’s the last 10 days remains. I am a bit sad to see this month go. I love Ramadhan and everything about it.
I plan to do some shopping today. But somehow I don’t really feel excited about it. It is just something I have to do and it’s really a drag. I rather stay at home rather than facing the horrific traffic and the heat outside. I really need to adjust my attitude just to make sure that I didn’t ruin anything.

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