Monday, November 11, 2019

I am on a roll here

I am so happy be back on Project Life app bandwagon again. I am so happy that I finally feel inspired to document my memories in the most fun way possible. I spend my weekend watching youtube video tutorial and browsing facebook page for inspiration. In a short amount of time I learned to use Affinity Photo and Procreate to make a few scrapbook layouts. I am enjoying the process so far and I am hoping to learned more about Procreate so that I can do more in this app.

I am trying a few different things with my phone and my ipad. I tried to use Goodnotes app to add a few embelishments and jorunaling but the final product was not in 3600px x 3600px. The file resolution was smaller when you saved from Goodnotes.

These are a few pages that I made with Project Life App, Procreate, Affinity Photo and Goodnotes app

I am so happy that I managed to create this cool page using Project Life app and I added the elements and inking using Procreate

One Hundred Percent with project life app. I am loving these TV shows at the moment. I have many more favorites which I will add in this type of layout later.

And these are a few layouts for September 2019 

As of right now I am not going to worry about the chronological event with my layouts. I am going to make any pages that I feel like doing. I want to enjoy the process and I am going to be happy with any layouts that I make.

The objective of these activities are for me to be creative, express myself and document my life.

to be continue ....... 

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