Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ramadandaily // Day 08

Day 08 - // ramadandaily

Day 08 - 24.05.2018

I am supposed to take the day off today to deal with all the legality of life after a divorce. It didn't happened as I hope. I was a bit disappointed because I've wasted my time on him, not only today but for the past twenty three years. I took a deep breath, say thank you three times, got in my car and drove to work. I'll be damn if I'm going to waste my time and energy on him ever again. 
Alhamdulillah people that matters in my life are here and support me through out this ordeal. 

I received this pencil case for my apple pencil this afternoon and this alone managed to make me happy. I have been wanting to try this for the longest time. Now I know why people are obsessed with Ztylus Apple Pencil case. Writing with this casing on is so much satisfying. I like that I can finally hold this apple pencil easily.

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